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VAT Advisory Services

Advising your business through the complexities of VAT

For most businesses these events are infrequent, sometimes once in a lifetime. The process can be stressful and push you outside your area of expertise and hence your comfort zone.  At these times it is reassuring to know that we have extensive experience in transactions in many different guises.

What we offer

VAT advisory services

VAT can be a complicated tax, with frequent changes arising from new legislation, HMRC policy and court rulings. It is also something that can be expensive to get wrong.

Our experienced team of VAT specialists can provide clear advice and solutions for any VAT issues your business faces to ensure that your business is treating VAT correctly. Our expert advice will aim to minimise risks of unforeseen liabilities to VAT, penalties and interest. We will also ensure you are optimising your VAT position by advising on VAT recovery and potential structuring to minimise VAT liabilities.

New business activities

Changes to your business activities or organisational structure are likely to result in changes in how you account for VAT. For example, an expansion into new markets may require overseas VAT registration or you might have a new product offering and need to know what the rate of VAT should be.

We work with our clients to understand the changes and to advise on both how to comply with the rules and to optimise their position.

Our team finds solutions to clients’ problems. We can advise on the VAT implications of any transaction and on the right to input tax recovery. This need might arise due to an acquisition, disposal, or business restructuring, or when changes in VAT law occur. We can review past compliance and undertake the relevant due diligence on the acquisition of a target.

HMRC VAT enquiries

Our team can help you navigate HMRC VAT enquiries and resolve any VAT disputes with HMRC. If you have a forthcoming VAT inspection or have received a challenge or unfavourable decision from HMRC on VAT, we can liaise with HMRC on your behalf with the aim of achieving the optimum outcome.

VAT partial exemption

If you are a VAT partly exempt business, there are a myriad of VAT issues you can face in calculating your business’ VAT recovery.

Our team can review and advise of your right to recovery of VAT and perform your VAT partial exemption calculations. In addition, it can assess whether it would be beneficial to agree a partial exemption special method with HMRC and make any such applications to HMRC on your behalf.

International VAT

Businesses which undertake international trade in goods or services must comply with the rules in the relevant jurisdictions. These rules typically establish the place where VAT falls due, the amount of tax and who has the liability to account for it. This may also involve a requirement to be registered for VAT outside the UK. In some cases, there are schemes that can be utilised to eliminate or minimise a requirement to be registered for VAT overseas.

Our VAT team can advise you on your international transactions so you can be sure your business is fully compliant, as well as advising on any alternative structures or schemes that can be utilised to minimise your non-UK registration obligations.

We work with our VAT specialists across our international network of offices to advise on VAT issues encountered overseas to ensure you are receiving the correct specialist local advice.

Corporate and Business Tax Specialists

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Why work with us?

We inspire confidence. We are recognised as a top 20 firm for tax in the UK and, with a significant proportion of our partners specialising in tax, you will benefit from exceptionally high levels of technical expertise and experience. We will advise you accordingly, enabling you to plan with realistic ambition.

  • Accessibility

    4 Offices, London, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Milton Keynes

  • Cross Team Expertise
    Cross Team Expertise

    Joined-up advice across all services, including, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Finance and Corporate and Business Tax

  • Sector Knowledge
    Sector Knowledge

    Advise a wide range of industries and sectors Sector-specific experience and insight

  • Specialist Knowledge
    Specialist Knowledge

    Knowledge on variety on services, such as, Remuneration, Research & development, Capital Expenditure and Patent Box Relief, EIS and SEIS and buying and selling a company