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Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Mercer & Hole is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive culture.

We are proud of our diverse workforce and want to attract the most talented individuals to join and remain with us.

We strongly believe that diversity is critical to our success. A diverse workforce widens the approaches we can take to support our clients and enables us to make a meaningful difference to them, our people and to the world around us.

Trust is at the centre of our values and we seek to understand what matters to each of us at Mercer & Hole, to nurture it. We are committed to ensuring that we are all heard, included and treated fairly at work. Part of that commitment is focusing on the physiological and psychological health and wellbeing of our employees. In doing so, we encourage each other to realise our full potential.

We are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and achieving best practice in our recruitment, retention and career progression practices. Our inclusivity initiatives are led by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) partners and supported by our Managing Partner, Paul Maberly. As part of our five-year strategy we are working towards strengthening our internal DEI networks.

Our current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives include:

Education: through focus groups and looking at allyships across the firm we encourage DEI participation to celebrate the backgrounds and interests of our diverse workforce.

Wellbeing: Our team of Wellbeing Champions run a rolling programme of events to create space and focus for us all to consider the importance of our wellbeing. We have professional wellbeing support such as with our Employee Assistance Programme, Occupational Health and all our Wellbeing Champions are trained Mental Health First Aiders.

Agile working: We recognise we all need to find the right balance of working in the office and working at home. We know that there are benefits from being able to work in this way. We support a trust-based approach towards agile working, in which we all take responsibility to work together in the most practical way to meet the needs of our people and our clients.

Flexi-time working: Within any working week adhoc commitments or constraints crop up. To support employees in meeting these differing demands, contracted hours can be worked across long or short days.

Flexible working: Additionally, we recognise that some of us may have ongoing regular commitments outside of work; whether that is caring for family members or other responsibilities. A significant proportion of our employees currently work on a flexible basis, which is a contractual change to their hours, enabling them to balance different aspects of their lives.

Realising your full potential: We provide excellent professional training to our employees. Our training offering has been highly rated by our regulators including Platinum status by ACCA. Your development continues after qualifying/ throughout your career at Mercer & Hole, focusing on four specific areas of personal growth aligned with your career aspirations.

Design of office space: We are in the middle of a program to remodel our four offices to introduce more collaborative space and a more relaxed environment for our employees.

Communication: We send regular firmwide updates to ensure all employees have information about what is going on in the firm and to share internal news.

Volunteering: We encourage and provide opportunities to employees to volunteer for charity and community activities.

Recruitment: We seek to work with recruitment agencies who are actively pursuing candidates in areas of the market in order to attract a wider, more diverse pool of candidates.