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What to think about when receiving an inheritance

Thinking through a gift

You might be about to receive an inheritance and are considering whether some or all of this gift could be varied to someone else and what the tax implications are. 

What we offer

We are able to undertake probate work and deal with HMRC reporting, which means that we are best placed to advise on the tax implications of a gift for the recipient and our financial planning strength means we can take that advice further to help plan.

It is possible to vary a Will through a Deed of Variation (or Deed of Family Arrangement), and there are a number of reasons why a family might want to do this. For example, the financial circumstances of beneficiaries may have changed (there may be additional children or grandchildren not included in the Will) or an additional gift to charity might qualify the estate for the discounted rate of Inheritance Tax.

When considering the options, we can help to model what your asset position will look like to show the impact of our advice, so that you have a broad future plan before making any financial decisions. This allows you to take action with the confidence of knowing our advice and expertise has mirrored what you seek.

We offer tax compliance services and our tax team provides a reliable service and will go the extra mile to ensure that all deadlines are met.


Probate Services Specialists

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Why work with us?

Our team works to the highest standard to provide evidence that withstand close legal scrutiny and cross-examination. We are well prepared and confident in our ability to communicate and defend our opinions effectively, both in writing and on cross-examination.

  • Industry Recognition
    Industry Recognition

    Tolley's Taxation Awards 2019 Best Private Client Practice Finalist

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    Cross Team Expertise

    We offer you a truly joined-up service, with both our financial planning and private client tax working together to give you the best possible advice

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    International Reach

    We are a founder member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG)

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