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Technology and Media

We can adapt quickly to rapid change and growth which creates many challenges in this sector

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We work with a wide range of companies in this sector, ranging from startups developing new technology through to established organisations to continue their growth.

What we do

The pace of change and rapid growth in this sector is second to none. Our experienced team can adapt to the ever-changing environment so you are always prepared.

We know that working in the technology, media and communication industry, you are motivated by new opportunities, fresh new ideas and a clear vision. Our team share your drive and vision and have the expertise to help you exceed your own expectations.

The UK remains at the forefront of development in the Technology and Communications sector. The UK government remains dedicated to supporting this position, with tax strategies such as R&D tax credits and patent box to help both to develop companies and to stimulate research and development activities.

In addition to the obvious challenge of funding, particularly if you are a startup, retention of key individuals is often fundamental to success and we can help in establishing share incentive schemes in such situations. This is to help ensure you don’t lose the fresh forward-thinking talent you have that drives your business.

Exit planning is also key, with much shorter timescales than other sectors being the norm. Again we work with owners from the outset to help maximise shareholder value, succession planning and planning for your financial future.

The range of services we often provide includes the following:


Technology and Media Specialists

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Why work with us?

Business stakeholders benefit from our experience and ability to provide practical solutions as they grow, develop or require support through operational turnaround, and, where necessary the constructive use of formal insolvency procedures.

  • Sector Knowledge
    Sector Knowledge

    Sector specific knowledge and experience which we can apply to your business

  • Timely and Efficient
    Timely and Efficient

    We can save you time and add value, enabling you to grow your business

  • International Reach
    International Reach

    We are a founder member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG)

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    4 Offices, London, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Milton Keynes