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Probate Pricing

Thank you for visiting our Probate and Estates services page. The purpose of this page is to provide information about our approach and charges.

What we offer

Our fees are based on the amount of time it takes to complete the work and hourly charge-out rates for our fee earners range between £110 to £270 + VAT. If the estate is sufficiently complex to warrant partner involvement, partner hourly rates are £430 + VAT. These rates are reviewed on 1 October each year.

It can be difficult to estimate the amount of time it will take to administer an estate. This is because we are flexible as to which aspects you would like our assistance with. Some clients like to hand over as much of the work as possible and others would only like help with certain aspects. Sometimes we go further to complete the tax return to date of death or help with finalising the deceased’s tax affairs to date of death because we are qualified tax advisers.

Our aim is to be upfront, realistic, and transparent about our charges. We offer a free initial consultation to scope out the work, agree what you would like us to do and what aspects you feel confident to deal with. If you engage us to complete the work, then we will issue you with an engagement letter which will set out an estimate of our charges up to extracting probate. For very complex estates, we will set out who will complete the work and their hourly rates in our engagement letter. After extracting probate, we will agree the next steps with you.

There are some disbursements and expenses to pay in addition to professional fees when administering an estate; the most common being probate application fees and the cost of obtaining valuations.

Below are two recent examples of estates and our charges:
The sort of aspects which can make an estate complex and more time consuming and costly to administer are foreign assets, foreign residence/domicile, gifts made in the seven years prior to death, and tracking down information about a predeceased spouse’s estate.

Example 1
The deceased died domiciled in the UK leaving a valid Will, was never married and did not have any children.

The estate comprised the following:

  • Six bank accounts
  • Premium bonds
  • Investment portfolio
  • Main residence
  • Certificated shareholding
  • Single premium investment bond

The executor (our client) obtained the date of death bank balances, including accrued interest and value of premiums bonds. They also organised and obtained a probate valuation for the property. The deceased was the life insured on the UK investment bond which automatically surrendered on death.

We compiled and submitted the Inheritance Tax return and probate application, and finalised the deceased’s tax affairs to date of death.

The fees for the above were £5,000 + VAT.

Additional costs were the £215 probate application fee plus £1.50 per additional grant required.

It took five months from the date we were instructed, six months from the date of death, for the grant of probate to be issued.

Example 2
The deceased died domiciled in the UK leaving a valid Will. The deceased was married but his/her spouse had predeceased.

The estate comprised of the following:

  • Two bank accounts
  • Main residence
  • Four certificated shareholdings
  • Unquoted share portfolio
  • Quoted share portfolio
  • Jewellery, chattels, and car
  • Life insurance policy
  • Foreign certificated shareholding
  • Foreign property
  • Foreign bank account

We notified the financial institutions of death and obtained date of death balances and valuations.

Our client obtained probate valuations for the two properties and for the jewellery, chattels, and car.

We completed the deceased’s self-assessment tax return to date of death.

We liaised with a solicitor in the foreign country to ascertain how the foreign property passed on death and whether probate was required in that country as well as the UK and whether there was any foreign inheritance tax payable or filings to make.

Our fees for the above work were £10,000 + VAT.

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