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Contentious Insolvency and Investigations

Establishing the facts, maximising returns to creditors

There are times when contentious issues lie at the heart of an insolvency, such as fraud or wrongful trading and a specialist investigation is needed to maximise recoveries for creditors.

Our Contentious Insolvency and Investigations Service

Insolvency can stem from a number of factors including rising costs, mismanagement, and the inability to operate under the restrictions of the global pandemic.

What are contentious insolvency issues?
It can also be a result of contentious issues such as fraud, unlawful dividends, wrongful trading, misfeasance and undervalue transactions. These cases tend to be more complex and multifaceted, often needing more time and attention to pursue investigations and recover assets.
Insolvency Act 1986

The 1986 Insolvency Act gives the Insolvency Practitioner (IP) the power to obtain records and gain control of assets both in the UK and abroad, which is particularly important when dealing with uncooperative directors. In contentious insolvency cases, the ability to identify and recover assets swiftly is vital.

Insolvency investigations at Mercer & Hole
At Mercer & Hole we have a dedicated team with expertise in forensic investigation needed to trace assets and maximise returns to creditors and stakeholders. We are accustomed to complicated cases with a range of different stakeholders, and we have a global network through our founding membership of The International Accountancy Group (TIAG), a worldwide alliance of international accountancy firms. In addition, members of our team also act as Expert Witnesses in insolvency cases.

Contentious Insolvency and Investigations Specialist

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We provide practical, business focused advice to help you achieve your business objectives. Our team of experts are available at any one of our four office locations and have an extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of sectors.

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    Industry Recognition

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