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Accelerated Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

An accelerated corporate transaction which could be vital in protecting the underlying business whilst maximising value for stakeholders.

In these turbulent times, even the most stable businesses are struggling. If you think an accelerated corporate transaction could be the solution to turning your business around or realising its inherent value, then it is crucial that you act swiftly and gain expert advice.

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What is an accelerated M&A?
Accelerated M&A differs from a traditional M&A process in that it is usually executed over a significantly compressed timescale as opposed to the usual nine to twelve months.

What are the benefits of accelerated M&A?
The benefits of undertaking a rapid process like this are manifold for struggling businesses and include:

  • Massive reduction in managerial fees and overall costs associated with trying to save a failing business
  • Increased scope for saving the parts of the business that are working
  • Further opportunities to reinvest into growth opportunities
  • Far better rate of returns for investors delivered faster than through alternative liquidation methods
  • Less publicity and overall avoidance of the stigma of insolvency for the business and the key people involved

The critical factor in all of this is to act swiftly and with expert advice. An accelerated M&A relies upon business owners making decisive moves at the right time. At Mercer & Hole, we have the experience and skills to take you through this process and maximise returns for both you and your stakeholders.

An accelerated sale is not without its challenges. We understand the stigma that can be associated with such a process and the sometimes-conflicting agendas of the different parties involved. We operate with skill and sensitivity and believe that transparency to investors is of vital importance at each stage of the process. When managing multiple stakeholders, we believe that early engagement is crucial to finding a solution that will be acceptable for everyone.

We work hard to ensure that as much potential and value from the business is preserved for potential reinvestment as it is important to note that an accelerated M&A does not necessarily mean insolvency. At the right time and with our expert advice, we can help you take advantage of a window of opportunity to remove the underperforming parts of the business whilst freeing up cash flow to refinance areas of growth and realise value for the benefit of all involved.

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We provide practical, business focused advice to help you achieve your business objectives. Our team of experts are available at any one of our four office locations and have an extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of sectors.

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    Cross Team Expertise

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    Industry Recognition

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