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One off opportunities and challenges

Over the lifecycle of a business, opportunities and challenges occur that require major decisions.

For most businesses these events are infrequent, sometimes once in a lifetime. The process can be stressful and push you outside your area of expertise and hence your comfort zone.  At these times it is reassuring to know that we have extensive experience in transactions in many different guises.

What we offer

Over the life of the business, inevitably, things will change. You make seek to add another company to an existing group, wish to sell off a non-core subsidiary or just need to restructure the business to meet differing commercial or even ownership requirements. Our team is experienced in this area and can assist with valuations, commercial and tax implications.

We can help with:

  • Start up (see our EIS and SEIS briefing notes and flowchart for more information)
  • The choices on incorporation – cash free, tax free or a combination
  • Buying a business – from due diligence and valuation through to structuring and finance (see our guide on (Buying a company)
  • The implications and cost involved with separating a business so you can make an informed choice via our Corporate Finance team
  • Selling a business, particularly with regards to structuring, valuation and tax including eligibility for Entrepreneurs’ Relief (for more information on the tax implications of exiting a business, please also visit our Corporate Advisory and Financial Planning pages)

Corporate and Business Tax Specialists

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Why work with us?

We inspire confidence. We are recognised as a top 20 firm for tax in the UK and, with a significant proportion of our partners specialising in tax, you will benefit from exceptionally high levels of technical expertise and experience. We will advise you accordingly, enabling you to plan with realistic ambition.

  • Accessibility

    4 Offices, London, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Milton Keynes

  • Cross Team Expertise
    Cross Team Expertise

    Joined-up advice across all services, including, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Finance and Corporate and Business Tax

  • Sector Knowledge
    Sector Knowledge

    Advise a wide range of industries and sectors Sector-specific experience and insight

  • Specialist Knowledge
    Specialist Knowledge

    Knowledge on variety on services, such as, Remuneration, Research & development, Capital Expenditure and Patent Box Relief, EIS and SEIS and buying and selling a company