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Divorce, Family and Pensions

Supporting you, your family and your pension when going through a divorce

Our role in this process is to help you understand how to place an appropriate value on an asset or income source. This makes it easier to compare and contrast that value with other matrimonial assets.

Our Divorce, Family and Pensions Service

The settlement of a divorce can be truly life changing; we can assist you when facing negotiations and support you through the whole process.

Divorce – We understand going through a divorce can be extremely stressful for you. We want to take some of the stress away by ensuring your future will be secured financially for you and your family. We will analyse financial proposals to test whether the funds will be sufficient for your needs going forward.

Family – When going through a divorce you will also want to secure family wealth for their future. We work with our tax team to offer a truly joined-up service so that you and your family wealth is protected.

Pensions – As well as protecting your wealth for today, what about tomorrow and beyond? We look at the bigger picture when two people have decided to divorce; your pension fund should also be considered when separation of funds and estates are agreed. We are often asked, “Is it better to try to achieve a fair split or consider offsetting against non-pension assets?” We can offer the best financial solution for you.

The way in which benefits that have accumulated within pensions are presented can lead you to feel confused. This is typically due to the different regimes under which they operate.

Financial modeling typically forms the cornerstone of our process. It helps us to demonstrate how different income and capital resources can be used in conjunction to achieve the most appropriate solution for all, so that informed decisions can be made with confidence.

Divorce, Family and Pensions Specialists

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Why work with us?

There is a huge amount of crossover with tax and financial planning advice and we believe that clients benefit from the comprehensive, professional advice where both our tax and financial planning teams are working together.

  • Industry Recognition
    Industry Recognition

    We are members of the Family Resolution panel made up of accountants, family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes

  • Sector Knowledge
    Sector Knowledge

    Retirement Planning, Court of Protection, Expert Witness, Divorce, Family & Pensions, Estate Planning

  • Cross Team Expertise
    Cross Team Expertise

    We offer you a truly joined-up service, with both our financial planning team and private client tax team working together to give you the best possible advice

  • Accessibility

    Four Offices: London, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Milton Keynes