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ISAs - an investment for all seasons?

Many people do not find sufficient time to manage their personal investments to maximise investment and tax planning opportunities.  A key example of this is with ISA investments.

A cornerstone of any financial plan would be to ensure that ISA allowances are used regularly and effectively, where suitable.  Even without any growth on investments, a couple could save up a tax-advantaged ISA investment portfolio of over £100,000 within five years.

Those who do get around to utilising their ISA allowance will often pick individual funds, but with a platform approach all your accumulated ISA pots can be consolidated into one plan following a more broadly based investment approach.  Changes to investment strategy can then be made without needing to set up new ISA accounts.  Additional ISA subscriptions can also be added to the plan without figuring out which fund to ‘pick’ as the existing agreed investment strategy can continue to be employed.

A key benefit of the ISA investment wrapper is that you sell the funds you hold in your ISA and (provided the ISA wrapper is not disturbed) re-invest the proceeds in another investment without using up any ISA allowance or needing to pay tax.  Buying funds and holding them until you intend to remove the money from an ISA misses out on this core benefit.

With the so-called ‘ISA season’ closing, many will now forget about the investments they have made until next March’s annual statement comes through, along with those from the investments selected in previous years.  ISAs can be so much more than an investment only considered in Spring.

If you would like an investment review or to discuss ISA planning, then please contact a member of the financial services team.



Date: 5th April, 2013
Author: Tony Slocombe


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