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Bankruptcy petition an abuse of process

You may remember an earlier post Liquidation and bankruptcy petition dangers, where I highlighted a legal decision emphasising that a petition is not to be used to pressurise a debtor into paying one creditor.

Ruth has asked about how to deal with this situation in practice:

Can I get an emergency injunction to prevent a supplier who is abusing process petitioning for my bankruptcy over a disputed debt? I sent them a cheque with a letter stating it was in full and final settlement of the debt and the supplier banked the cheque. Now they are saying I still owe the balance and have taken out a bankruptcy petition. I don't want it to get publiciced or it will damage my reputation. Can I stop them with an injunction?

Unlike company winding-up petitions, bankruptcy petitions are not normally advertised, but what are your suggestions or observations? Please comment below.



Date: 5th February, 2009
Author: Chris Laughton


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