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Bankruptcy - discharge and proofs of debt

Three interesting procedural points relating to the bankruptcy of individuals arose in Law Society v Dixit Shah [2007] EWHC 2841 (Ch), where recovery was sought from bankrupt solicitors' professional indemnity insurers.

  1. Discharge of a bankrupt merely extinguishes a creditor's remedy of enforcement, not the underlying cause of action.
  2. The court can accept or reject a proof of debt (under its general jurisdiction from Section 363 of the Insolvency Acy 1986) without the trustee having considered the matter first.
  3. A proof may be admitted or rejected for reasons other than determining a right to vote or participate in a dividend, where the proof of debt procedure is directed to satisfying the claim of a legitimate creditor (here, through the Third Party (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930) without any possible harm to any other creditor.

Floyd J appeared determined to ensure that legal technicalities should not prevent the third party claimants being able to recover from the insurers. Read the judgment (link above) for more detail.



Date: 16th January, 2008
Author: Chris Laughton


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