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"We offer a friendly and
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Jamie Wooldridge

I joined Mercer & Hole in 2012, from a small, three partner firm in the West End of London. I had been there for eight years and had qualified with them. When I came to Mercer & Hole, I was looking for a larger organisation, different clients, career opportunities and a change of scenery.

I started working at the London office in January, a very busy time of year. Despite it being hectic and the person I replaced having already left, everyone was very welcoming. The partners were also very supportive and I hit the ground running.

Working in General Practice, I deal with a wide variety of clients. Our largest clients have turnovers of around £50 million and balance sheets with hundreds of £millions worth of assets, whilst at the other end of the scale I work with non-incorporated sole traders. Although they have different requirements, in common, they are looking for a quality personalised service and value for money.

Spotting tax issues and planning opportunities is one of the aspects of my role that saves clients money and also avoids them getting into unnecessary difficulties.  In one case I worked on, the company were about to spend a lot of money on a property as a retail outlet and I ended up realising that there was a VAT issue that could have cost them about £1 million. I think they were pretty happy about that!

As a firm, we go out of our way to help clients and to provide them with as much service as we can. We do more than churn out accounts; we are proactive and will always look at opportunities for what more we can do to help; tax planning, for instance.

There is a good culture at Mercer & Hole in as much as everyone is very approachable – partners too. It’s very friendly and, amongst the team, there is a good working relationship, which makes it a pleasant place to work.

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