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"We deal with the administration, accounting
and UK tax reporting for both UK and offshore trusts"

UK Trusts

A trust can still prove an efficient way of protecting and managing wealth. There are various types of trusts, used for a variety of different circumstances, and the tax legislation that impacts may well have changed since the trust was first created.

A trust can still be an appropriate way to hold property for a child or to set aside a ‘lifeboat’ fund for grandchildren. On the other hand, if a trust has run its course, it may be a question of planning how to wind it up so that the beneficiaries can receive funds or assets without a tax cost.

Trusts are used in wide-ranging circumstances, including:

  • Protection of family assets.
  • The management and control of assets when someone is too young to manage them themselves.
  • The management and control of assets when someone is unable to manage their own affairs due to them being incapacitated by health or ability.
  • To pass on assets either in life or for management post death.

How we can help

The services which we offer clients in the area of UK trusts include:

  • Advising clients on the suitability of a trust structure according to their unique requirements and family circumstances.
  • Acting in the role as trustee through our trust corporation Mercer & Hole Trustees Limited.
  • The administration, accounting and taxation reporting for existing trusts including tax returns and Inheritance Tax (IHT) returns.
  • Advice in relation to Capital Gains Tax for the disposal of trust assets and planning regarding the appointment of trust assets to beneficiaries.
  • IHT consequences of setting up a trust, ten year anniversary reporting and exit charges in relation to the capital distributions to a beneficiary.
  • Reviewing the ongoing effectiveness of a trust created through a Will and assisting the family of the deceased with a future strategy.
  • Advice and planning regarding how to wind up an existing trust that has come to the end of its usefulness in the context of the wider family.

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