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Peter Godfrey-Evans is an experienced Corporate Restructuring Partner at Mercer & Hole, who works out of the firm’s Milton Keynes and London Offices.

Peter delivers all aspects of corporate restructuring work. His priority is to consider options for restructuring and business turnaround when working with businesses facing financial challenges. Taking swift and decisive action, Peter works closely with all parties to achieve co-operation and achieve the best possible outcome. However, where necessary he will use the investigative powers afforded by insolvency legislation.

Peter advises directors on the most appropriate way to deal with their responsibilities by placing their company into administration or liquidation. Acting for directors facing either disqualification proceedings or claims against them by insolvency practitioners, he will advise on the defences available to them and assist in negotiating settlements, where appropriate.

When appointed to act as administrator, Peter has enabled profitable elements of businesses to be sold on, thereby saving jobs and maximising returns to creditors. He has also been involved with many solvent liquidations, advising shareholders either as part of tax efficient reconstructions or simply dealing with companies that have come to the end of their useful life.

Peter has been instructed in a large number of personal matters. He has been appointed as a trustee in bankruptcy to individuals at the request of aggrieved creditors, with a view to investigating the activities of the bankrupt prior to the bankruptcy order. In a number of complex bankruptcy cases, Peter’s investigations have led to the tracing and recovery of assets previously disposed of by the bankrupt. He has also been involved in advising debtors on avoiding bankruptcy, through the use of either individual voluntary arrangements, or informal agreements with creditors.

Peter became a Partner with Mercer & Hole in 1990, having joined the firm in 1988. Prior to this he worked in London with MacIntyre Hudson and PD Leake & Co. Peter obtained his Insolvency Practitioners’ Licence in 1997. Periodically he writes articles for local business papers and contributes to the firm’s insolvency blogs. Peter is also a long-standing member of the ICAEW’s Insolvency Licensing Committee.

Married with three children, Peter is a keen tennis player and an occasional golfer in his leisure time. He also enjoys watching cricket and rugby when time permits.