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Patrick Mayor: A Day in the Life

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How do you get ready to start your day?

By getting my daughter Juliette dressed and ready to start her day. Once she’s off to childcare I’ll often sit straight down at my computer and get cracking.

What’s the most challenging part of your working day?

Communicating remotely with the teams working on clients for me. Although technology is very useful, I think it’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction and training.

What’s changed about your typical day in the last 5 years?

Biggest change in the last 5 years is my daughter. Getting up earlier when she does and then trying to manage my workload/day so I’m not working in the evenings.

What tasks take up most of your time during the day?

Emails and communicating with the team.

How do you break up your day – breaks, lunch, a walk?

I try to break up my day with lunch and a walk if possible. One of the hardest things about working from home is finding the time to take small breaks to rest the eyes and brain.

What was the work highlight of 2020 for you?

Definitely the work highlight for me was still being able to go in the office over the summer. I felt it was very important for my mental health to break up the week from working from home. Cycling to work a few times a week in the sunshine was lovely.

What is one of your work goals for 2021?

A key goal of mine for 2021 is to continue to build my portfolio of audit clients, hopefully with some groups.

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