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What more can be done to encourage gender-balance within the accountancy profession #IWD

Despite the positive words, more headway needs to be made in the industry. Accountancy’s Top 75 Survey 2019 reported 18.7% woman partners in the profession despite more women than men entering the accounting profession. At Mercer & Hole, there are more positive statistics with 33% woman partners but what more can be done to encourage gender-balance in the industry?

Clare Chambers responded “Historically, I feel accountancy has a reputation of being a boys’ club with meetings held on golf courses. This can be seen as a barrier to entry for younger women considering careers in the industry. Finding representation and role-models is important for children and teenagers when considering how they want to be when they are older.”

Andrew Dean said the industry needs to

1. Recognise systematic biases and imbalances currently in place, so that these can be eliminated at firm and industry level.

2. Set targets for promotion of women in leadership, and where this isn’t happening understand the reasons why and how these can be overcome.

3. Encourage greater publication of employment statistics.

4. Provide support for improved return to work initiatives.”



Date: 8th March, 2019
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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