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Mercer & Hole’s Jacqui Gudgion’s progress in Celebrity JustDance 2017 – Week 3

We have now progressed to the end of our dance sequences and what a lot of steps there are to learn.  Focus is now on head position and arms, although I seem to forget what my feet should be doing the minute I start to get the arms right – I’m sure it will all come together!  Group practice was fun again on Friday – almost as much fun as tax returns I would say.  My session on Sunday with my dance partner was focused on learning our freestyle intro and outro (is that actually a real word??) so I think we have everything nailed – apart from my execution but I am practising I promise.  This Thursday I have been invited to watch the International Dance Championships at the Royal Albert Hall .  Soo exciting to watch some live dancers who know what they are doing – let’s hope it rubs off on me.

Here is a picture of some of the group with me doing a botafogo – yes, that one is a real word!  Keep dancing as they say……….



Date: 11th October, 2017
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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