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Mercer & Hole’s Jacqui Gudgion’s progress in Celebrity JustDance 2017 – Week 2

Mercer & Hole Tax Director, Jacqui Gudgion will be taking part in Celebrity Just Dance 2017 on 18 November at Arena MK. The event which is to be held in the style of Strictly Come Dancing is being held in support of MK Dons Sport and Education Trust.

Jacqui is charting her progress in her blog ‘Finding dance a little taxing!’ Read on to see how she has got on this week:

Week 2 – ‘How fast?’

Our Friday group practice session with Accursio was great as I met more of the contestants and felt as though the steps were starting to sink in for both dances.  Unfortunately remembering the steps in the right order doesn’t mean I can co-ordinate hands, head and feet all going in the right direction – think patting your head and rubbing your stomach kind of thing; it takes a bit of thought to get it right.

The Samba practice was going fine up to the bit where Accursio added music that would be at about the same pace as we will be dancing to on the night. At that point the ability to move and think at the same time left me completely and I think I may have looked as though I was aged 10 skipping through the playground with no real control! Still, practice makes perfect and I am determined to put the hours in.  Another 2.5 hours on Sunday with my dance partner, fantastically patient Joseph, rounded off the week. It confirmed that I really need to do more ankle strength exercises to be able to dance on my toes and need to shape my hands like the puppets from ‘Why Don’t You’ – anyone old enough to remember that TV show from the 70s? No? Just me then..

If you would like to help support this worthy cause by sponsoring Jacqui, please use the link -



Date: 28th September, 2017
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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