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Mercer & Hole’s Jacqui Gudgion’s progress in Celebrity JustDance 2017 – Week 1

Mercer & Hole Tax Director, Jacqui Gudgion will be taking part in Celebrity JustDance 2017 on 18 November at Arena MK. The event which is to be held in the style of Strictly Come Dancing is being held in support of MK Dons Sport and Education Trust.

Jacqui is charting her progress in her blog ‘Finding dance a little taxing!’ Read on to see how she has got on this week:

Friday was an exciting day.  The email came through to tell me that my shoes were ready for collection at International Dance Shoes Limited.  This is a local family run business that supplies the shoes for Strictly and I didn’t even know it was there!  I now have two lovely pairs of dance shoes – one for latin and one for ballroom.  The evening group training session came around quickly and 7 o’clock marked the kick off of my dance career.  I was sooo nervous but the other rookie dancers and Accursio (our fantastic dance teacher and organiser of the JustDance event) were fantastic.  We actually had a lot of fun; I never realised a three hour exercise session could be so enjoyable.  I came away with a sense of being able to do the basic dance steps.  Until Sunday that was, when I met my dance partner Joseph.  Joseph gets the medal for the most patient man ever because I found remembering all of the head turns, toe leads, heel leads and other bells and whistles a real challenge.  So this week I will be trying to memorise the routine and learning to spin.  Not as easy as it sounds without a few gin and tonics beforehand; so if you see me around MK spinning in circles whilst trying to flick my head around at the last minute to stop myself falling over, it’s not madness, it’s practice! Roll on Friday for our next group practice session.

If  you would like to help support this worthy cause by sponsoring Jacqui, please click here.




Date: 21st September, 2017
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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