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Mercer & Hole to attend TIAG International Law Conference in Brussels

Howard Wilkinson, Paul Webster and Liz Cuthbertson of Mercer & Hole will attend an international conference in Brussels hosted by TIAG®, a leading alliance of independent law firms from around the world.  Vincent Van Dessel, the CEO of NYSE Euronext Brussels, will deliver a talk on the future of public markets as a vehicle of financing for small and mid-sized enterprises.  TAGLaw®, TIAG's sister alliance of independent law firms, will be holding its 27th international conference in parallel at The Conrad Hotel, and the two alliances will hold joint sessions on the third day of the conference.

“Because of the disruption in the credit markets the United States and Europe have experienced since 2008, we are excited to have such a prominent figure in the world of finance address our members and explain the changes they can expect to see in international credit markets” said TIAG’s President, Bob Sattin.  

In addition to Vincent Van Dessel’s talk, John Basso of Amadeus Consulting will present to TIAG members about how mobile devices will change the way accountants work.  “Now that mobile devices pervade the workplace, the accounting profession will have more powerful tools available to raise their service level and communicate effectively with clients,” said Bob Sattin, “John Basso is one of the most respected consultants in this field, and our members are looking forward to hearing what ideas he has for using these technologies to serve their clients better.”  Other sessions at the TIAG conference include:

  • SME Accounting: Common Problems and Pitfalls; David Potts, President, DMP Training;
  • Learning to Become a Leader by Phil Shohet & Andrew Jenner of Kato Consultancy;
  • International Tax Strategies Related to Corporate Migration by Roy Saunders of IFS Consulting; and
  • The Art of Networking: Strategies for Engaging New Clients and Creating Relationships by Itzik Amiel, Founder and CEO of EG Group.

In addition, TIAG will also offer breakout sessions on firm management and opportunities for specialists in various aspects of accounting to exchange ideas and experiences.  

About TIAG:

Founded in 2003, TIAG is an international alliance of high quality, independent accounting firms.  Combined with TAGLaw, an alliance of independent law firms, they provide professional accounting, financial and legal services on a worldwide scale.  With approximately 8,000 professionals in over 260 member firms, and more than 500 offices in over 90 countries, the two alliances serve tens of thousands of clients from all industry and commercial sectors. Learn more about TIAG at



Date: 19th October, 2012
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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