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Mercer & Hole support Hertfordshire County Show’s first ever Invitation Scurry Race

Chartered accountants, Mercer & Hole are taking part in the Scurry Race at this year’s Hertfordshire County Show and will be donating a £110 charity prize fund to celebrate the firm’s 110th year of business.

Mercer & Hole’s Marketing Director, Maria Bailey is braving the ride in the scurry carriage as an ‘amateur groom’, which will see her being pulled by a pair of ponies around a series of obstacles, against the clock. If any of the obstacles get knocked there is a three second time penalty so accuracy as well as speed will be essential to success.  Five other companies will be taking part in the race and the winner will decide which charity will benefit from the prize money being donated by Mercer & Hole.

It is the first time an Amateur Groom Invitation Scurry Driving Race has featured at the Hertfordshire County Show, which takes place on 23rd and 24th May. The Scurry Race itself will be held in the Jubilee Arena at 12 noon on Sunday.

Senior Partner of Mercer & Hole, Paul Maberly said “The Hertfordshire County Show is always a highlight on the local events’ calendar and we are proud to be a part of it. We wish Maria and all the other contestants good luck in the Scurry Race. It promises to be an exciting event for spectators and I am sure that whoever wins will ensure the prize money goes to a good cause.”

Hertfordshire County Show Organiser, Mike Harman  said: “We are grateful to Mercer & Hole for donating  a charity prize fund and admire Maria for her bravery in taking part in the Scurry Race. We do hope Maria enjoys the thrills and spills of competing in front of 3,000 noisy spectators in our premier Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Arena“

Mercer & Hole Partners, Gill Tallon and Steve Smith will also be attending the Bidwells President’s Lunch at the event on Saturday.

Mercer & Hole are engaging with the local community to support a range of good causes, projects and events over the coming months as they celebrate their long association with the local community.

Maria Bailey, Marketing Director at Mercer & Hole.



Date: 19th May, 2015
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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