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Mercer & Hole consider what makes a strong leader #IWD

Strong leadership is all important in the drive for gender-balance and those who do see it as essential for their businesses, economies and communities to thrive have a strong advantage. So what makes a strong leader? The Mercer & Hole team give us their views:

Senior Tax Manager, Sarah Sparshott said “I don’t actually think there’s anything about gender that makes men better than women, or vice versa. We can all be effective leaders.

Leaders are confident and they work hard, but they’re also prepared to take risks, maybe where others wouldn’t be. They are appreciative and compassionate, fair and honest. A great leader can communicate well and should leave the team feeling as though the end result or outcome was a joint effort. Leaders also need to be flexible and willing to adapt according to the situation and the needs of others.”

Audit Director, Jolene Upshall remarked “Great leaders inspire, motivate and create a positive energy that instils itself into those around them. They seek solutions to problems that promote a growth mind set within an organisation and levels of excitement that enable innovative ideas to be heard and acted on. Within this they are able to remain relevant, grounded and realistic as to what is achievable and right for the business or organisation they represent. I think these qualities can present equally in either gender and great leaders are identified by their successes, failings from which they have learned from and their current outlook, not their gender.”

Andrew Dean’s viewpoint is “Self-confidence, decision-making, problem solving, the ability to remain calm under pressure, communication, strategy / vision etc… The list goes on. Some men may be better at some, whilst some women may be better at others, but I don’t think any one of those traits is dictated by gender.”



Date: 8th March, 2019
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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