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Mercer & Hole complete ‘Acts of Kindness’ for their colleagues

Another two members of the Mercer & Hole team have committed ‘Acts of Kindness’ for their fellow colleagues. HR Officer, Kate Watt and Payroll Assistant, Linda Champion, embraced the firm of Chartered Accountants’ ‘25 Acts of Kindness’ campaign, which celebrates a quarter of a century of the business operating out of Milton Keynes, by investing their time in generous gestures.

Kate didn’t mind rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty when she washed senior partner, Paul Maberly’s car, despite her usually immaculate appearance in the office. Sticking with an automotive-themed gesture, Linda Champion chauffeured her audit colleague, James Correa, to work and back, treating him to a stress-free start and end to his day.

Whilst some of the ‘Acts of Kindness’ carried out by Mercer & Hole have been in-house, such as the above, there have been many others which have benefitted charities and community groups in Milton Keynes. Since the firm opened its doors in Milton Keynes in 1989, it has valued its place within the local community and reaching a milestone celebration has been a good catalyst to give something back to the local people.

Mercer & Hole will be sharing more news of their ‘Acts of Kindness’ as the campaign continues. Please keep posted for the latest installments.




Date: 12th August, 2014
Author: Mercer & Hole Media


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