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Jane Stacey: A Day in the Life

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Jane Stacey VAT director

How do you get ready to start your day?

My 18-month-old puppy wakes me without fail by 6am and we go for a long walk. I long for a lie in – particularly at the weekend!

What’s changed about your typical day in the last five years?

Working from home due to COVID has changed everything! I like working from home but five days a week has been tough, and I look forward to getting back to a hybrid this year.

Why did you decide to choose this career?

Like a lot of people, I went to university (language degree) and didn’t know what I wanted to do… I fell into VAT after I applied to join the Civil Service, first choice Immigration and I got the VAT office in Finchley. The rest, as they say, is history!

What would you change about your work if you could?

Fewer emails and more conversations.

What is the first thing you do each workday?

Drink a large coffee.

What was the work highlight of 2020 for you?

Surviving working in lockdown with my puppy by my side – even though he destroyed two pairs of glasses and my laptop charger, to name a few things.

What is one of your work goals for 2021?

To see people face-to-face again!

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