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Protecting Charities from Harm – Chapter 2

On 6 January the Charity Commission released the second chapter of ‘Protecting Charities from Harm’ its online compliance toolkit for trustees. The chapter covers due diligence, monitoring and verification of end use of funds.

The objective of the latest chapter is:

To help trustees to take steps to ensure that those donating to charities have confidence that the money they donate is used for legitimate purposes and is reaching the intended beneficiaries. The steps involved include carrying out due diligence and monitoring in relation to the end use of funds. Charities have identified this as an important area on which they would value clear and practical guidance from the Commission.

The aim of the latest chapter is:

To make all trustees aware of their legal duties and responsibilities in carrying out appropriate due diligence checks on those who give money to, receive money from or work closely with their charity, and to identify and manage any associated risks. It also gives trustees practical advice on carrying out proper monitoring and verification of the end use of funds where charities give money to local partners and beneficiaries. This is particularly important where charities deal with large amounts of money or where the risks are higher. These responsibilities are not new and are already part of charity trustees’ existing legal duties.

Practical advice in the latest chapter includes:

    * A risk assessment checklist
    * A sample partnership agreement
    * A partner verification form and a project monitoring checklist

The full details can be found at




Date: 18th January, 2011
Author: Wendy Bambrick


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