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HMRC published list of tax defaulters

After all of the furore on tax avoidance in recent weeks, and the calls from the Public Accounts Committee to name and shame tax evaders, I did look with interest at the list of current tax defaulters published by HMRC last week. I know this sounds shallow but I was expecting something a bit more exciting  - some international tax scheme that had been foiled saving millions - whereas what I got was hairdressers and builders with tax bills of less than £30,000.  I know it all adds up but….

I assume the view from the government is that it serves as an example and encourages others to pay up.  Of course, at the risk of being flippant, on the down side for HMRC, it may, of course, be an advertisement on how to find a cheap builder!



Date: 1st March, 2013
Author: Cathy Corns


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