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Fair Tax Pledge

A new website,, has been set up to enable people to pledge their commitment to paying their “fair share” of tax.

The Pledge states:-

“I believe that tax is the price we pay for a civilised society.  For this reason I pledge that I will:

  1. Declare all my income and that of any companies and trusts that I control, openly, honestly and on a timely basis;
  2. Not use tax havens to reduce any tax that I owe;
  3. Not use tax avoidance arrangements requiring disclosure to any tax authority or that fall foul of general anti-tax avoidance rules;
  4. Not enter into any arrangement that might reduce the tax that I or companies and trusts that I control owe in a way that the law never intended;
  5. Inform my accountant or tax adviser that I’ve made this pledge and ask them to help me and any companies and trusts I control to comply with it.”

The aim of the pledge is to help people who believe in a fair society and playing by the rules to say so publically.  It is designed for use by individuals and sole traders (akin to but separate from the Fair Tax Mark ( for companies).

There is no audit or assessment process so individuals are responsible for the truth and accuracy of the statements they make.

Once signed, people can use the Pledge logo.



Date: 26th June, 2015
Author: Cathy Corns


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